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July 16, 2012

Massive LUSH Haul & Review

Gorilla Solid Perfume in Imogen Rose 
I didn't realize why I liked this solid perfume so much until I read the description, which mentions that in addition to real rose oil, they use a little baby powder to soften it up (one of my absolutely favorite smells, don't ask me why). It literally smells delicate, and it lasts forever! I adore any perfume I can carry around in my purse and rub on my wrists/neck to freshen up, and this does the trick. Might seem a little pricey at $15 (I bought it for 10 Euro), but you need hardly any each time you apply and I would definitely buy it again.

Catastrophe Cosmetic: Blueberry Infused Maintenance Mask

I bought this after reading about Estée using it, and since we have pretty similar skin (dry & sensitive), I had good expectations. I thoroughly enjoy pampering my skin and this mask is good for that, although I do think it's more for just skin cleansing than anything else. It's super creamy, has chamomile, rose absolute, and blueberries, and is very calming on the skin. I use it maybe once per week. I can't say that it's helped keep my skin clear because I rarely break out after taking Accutane, but it has definitely helped keep my skin clean and soft. I like it a lot, but I think I'm probably going to experiment with other face masks after this one is finished. :) Don't get me wrong, you'll definitely get more than your money's worth at $6.95, I just think there are others I'd like more.

"King of Skin" Solid Body Lotion Bar

Probably one of my favorite things from Lush that I've ever bought. Ingredients include "fresh bananas and avocados are whipped into a luxurious, skin soothing base of oat milk and lavender." I am a supreme sucker for all of these things, and combined they make my skin SUPER soft and smell absolutely lovely. A little goes a long way with this one. It's a solid body lotion that you apply right after your shower and towel off (or dry, and then rinse off, however you fancy), which I think is way easier than slathering on lotion all the time. I don't use it every day, but when I do (*cue Most Interesting Man in the World music*) it makes me feel fantastic, soft, skin nourished, and smelling like I just got back from bathing in an ocean of softness. Definitely buying again after mine is finished.

"Hair Doctor" Hair Treatment

This is by far the best thing I have ever purchased from Lush. If you've watched my videos enough, you know that in the past year I have dyed my hair quite a bit and when I went blonde, I had to bleach the absolute shit out of it. So lately my hair has been pretty upset with me, which doesn't go well with the fact that it's naturally dry. When my hair was in need of some serious rehab, I stumbled across a review for this hair treatment (which, for some reason, is not on the US Lush site) and rushed to the Lush downtown to grab it. I think it was around 20 Euro, but a small price to pay for what it's done to my hair. I literally have not had this healthy of hair in years. The description says "To make this we first simmer irish moss seaweed to form a clear gel, then we add Irish moss powder, extra virgin coconut oil, almond oil, vegetable glycerine, soya lecithin and brewer's yeast – all to condition, strengthen and moisturize the hair," but honestly, I'm pretty sure an angel puked this stuff up or something because it is RIDICULOUS. It doesn't look or smell particularly wonderful, but I can't say enough good things about it. After just one use, my hair has gone from dry, frizzy, and breaking to healthy, soft, and regaining its natural wavy body back. I just applied it all over my dry hair with my hands, chilled in the bath with a Big Blue bath bomb (which I'll review next) for about twenty five minutes, and then rinsed it out. At first, I didn't really notice a difference, but the next day and since then, my hair has gotten 500% healthier. :) Heaven in a container right here. 

"Big Blue" Bath Bomb

No lie, I am extremely inclined to go for any products that make me feel like a mermaid. I bought this sucker and threw the whole thing in the bath while waiting for the Hair Doctor treatment to work its magic and I'm not entirely sure I wasn't on my own little island. As you can tell from my photo, it makes the water a teal color which is AWESOME on its own, but also there's bits of seaweed that appear after the bomb itself has melted which in the warm water, makes for a really cool bath. I'm actually not even a big bath fan, but this bath bomb (and I'm sure others will) converted me into loving bath time. It was super relaxing to soak in and I love feeling like I'm in/around/near/a mermaid in the ocean. Definitely would repurchase.

"Ocean Salt" Bath Salt Face/Body Scrub
Keeping up with my love affair with the ocean, I also got the Ocean Salt scrub. I wouldn't recommend using this if you don't have some serious moisturizing products to back it up (at least if you have very dry sensitive skin like mine), but I really like it! It has fresh avocado and coconut to hydrate, but also balances itself out with lime and a little vodka to unblock pores/disinfect the skin. It's got a bit of a zing to it once you put it on which is refreshing, but what I like most is how my skin feels afterward: super clean, refreshed, and new. I think this is definitely one of my most favorite face/body scrubs that I've used, especially since you need barely a fingertip full for your whole face, but I do admit that it's a bit pricey at around $30.

"Sweet Lips" Lip Scrub
Another scrub but for your smackers :). I had purchased this before but due to a very unfortunate run in with a shelf above a toilet (#dormproblems), I didn't get to use the first one very long. I get very chapped lips easily if I don't constantly apply Vaseline to them and I like to exfoliate them once or sometimes twice a week to keep them as soft as possible. This stuff lasts quite a long time, makes my lips very soft, and tastes super delicious -- I love it. I think you definitely get your money's worth at just under $10. 

"It Started with a Kiss" Lip Tint
I heard about this first from Hannah, and after looking around the interwebs I decided I had to have it. Lip tints are probably the best things since sliced bread (along with earl grey tea, freckles, and handwritten letters), and I think this is my favorite one. Granted, I do have to put on Vaseline before I put this on because it's only a tint and not a balm, but that's fine. The color (which cannot possibly be given justice through a photo) is absolutely fantastic. It's the most perfect pinky red, like you just finished kissing someone dashingly good looking. It's about $9 and I plan on having a constant supply of this stuff because I think it's perfect.


These are all things that I've purchased while studying abroad in Germany (where I am for another two weeks before I go back to 'Merca). Dangerous thing, having a Lush store just a short bus ride away. I'll probably restock on my favorites from this list when I'm back in Austin, the rest I will use until empty. I hope these little reviews were helpful for anyone looking to try these things out! Let me know what you think of them. :) I'd love to know your opinion.



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you're so pretty ^__^

Cat0805 said...

What an amazing haul! Lucky you, wish I could spend this much in Lush :D I've never heard of solid perfumes before, but they sound good. Great reviews, thanks for sharing xx